sustainable buildingOur vision is to provide integrative building design and consulting services for the design of high-performance zero-carbon buildings.

Our consulting practice is now centered totally on building design in response to the largest challenge in centuries facing human habitation around the world—the effects of climate change, the outlines of which are now obvious. This cannot be overstated.

We are committed to the advanced design of buildings that are zero-carbon operationally, that minimize the amount of embodied carbon in materials and that aim for zero-net-energy use in operations. To this end, we choose to work with clients who share these goals for their building projects, so that we can always be engaged in working toward these specific habitat goals generally and so that we can constantly learn/teach about practical solutions.

In our practice area in California, these outlines of the climate change effects now include the threat of wildfires, the shortage of water resources and the impact of built structure on the public energy utility companies—thus we also focus our design efforts on aspects of resiliency and water conservation.

Bernheim + Dean provides a complete range of building design consulting services from project inception through building occupancy. We harness our in-house expertise and utilize the affiliations of our established network of technical specialists to support our work with clients.