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As the Sustainability Principal for the Design-Build team*, Anthony Bernheim led the team in the development of the sustainability program for a large state office building. He developed an integrative and collaborative design process to integrate sustainability into the project and helped the team win the design-build competition. Results included the following:

  • The completed project is about 30% more energy efficient than California Title 24 part 6, 1998.
  • The sustainability specifications developed by Anthony Bernheim in collaboration with his indoor air quality colleagues, related building product chemical emissions test data and modeled indoor air chemical concentrations to building occupant health.  This work has led to improved building product emissions, the way third-party certifiers evaluate products, and has provided the basis for the indoor air quality requirements of the new California and national green building codes and standards
  • This project achieved the USGBC LEED® Gold certification and was the first California State building to achieve a LEED certification.

He also acted as the Commissioning Agent for the project and prepared the commissioning plan and commission reports for each project phase. The project included commissioning process services for HVAC and electrical systems, and also included and indoor air quality (IAQ) commissioning program with IAQ testing at the end of construction, during the flush out, and for a year after occupancy. The IAQ results have been documented and published in peer reviewed technical conferences.

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*Hensel Phelps Construction Company, while with SMWM