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text AB page 1Anthony Bernheim collaborated with USGBC staff and Green Building and Human Health Working Group to develop the content and format for this special summit in January 2013 at the USGBC in Washington DC with about 100 invited participants. He managed the summit preparation, briefed and worked with the presenters, participated on one of the panels and collaborated on preparing the final summit report.

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Anthony Bernheim provides sustainability and architectural subject matter expert consulting to corporate clients as selected by Guidepoint Global Consulting Network on an as-needed basis.  He provides very specific current knowledge of the sustainability movement that is relevant to companies to help them position themselves in the industry.

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CarbonCure has developed the technology to manufacture concrete blocks using waste CO2 to produce a greener product. Anthony Bernheim provided consulting services to review the company’s marketing collateral and to assist in developing a marketing strategy appropriate to architecture and engineering professionals that addressed sustainability and product transparency.