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Clockwise from upper left: IDeAs Office Building, U.C. Merced Science & Engineering Building, U.C. Merced Solar PV Array, U.C. Merced Classroom & Office Building

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The first version of this monograph, Zero Net Energy Building Case Studies, describes three building projects in California that were early adopters of the goal of zero net energy (ZNE) performance, a small office building and two buildings on a major university campus. When PG&E commissioned us to develop the publication, the company wanted not only a description of design strategies and energy analysis results for these buildings, but also a verification of the performance through the data collected and, most significantly, a reporting out of corrective actions taken and lessons learned. The monograph is especially valuable to design professionals because it provides the actual performance information along with the design thinking and the post-occupancy lessons from the field.

The second edition, which we are currently working on (see News), includes three additional ZNE buildings in northern California and includes the same level of design and performance information.