Environmental Quality and Healthy Buildings

Sustainability Program Mgmt-AB versionEnvironmental quality in buildings—the air we breathe and its effects on our biological systems—is the direct result of the materials used for the building’s construction, the indoor furnishings and the various products used for maintenance and operation. These have a predictable effect on human health, that of both the building occupants and those involved in the production and manufacture of all these building-related products. When specified correctly, these lead to healthy  buildings.

We offer services to building owners, operators and designers to guide their choices of materials and building systems that promote human health and avoid negative environmental and ecological impacts.

For existing facilities, we undertake evaluations of existing conditions and provide recommendations to improve indoor environmental quality.





 Source Control

We provide recommendations for building materials, products, and furnishings with low- or non-volatile organic compound (VOC) content and emissions that reduce or eliminate indoor pollutant sources.  We provide specifications for building products that support improved indoor air quality.

Ventilation Design

We review proposed mechanical design and passive ventilation systems and provide recommendations for improvements to support improved indoor air quality.

Building Commissioning

Related to indoor air quality, we provide recommendations for building commissioning services along with the services of an independent commission agent.

Operations and Maintenance

We assist building owners and operators by providing recommendations for a green building operations and maintenance program.