News Updates:

Article in Point Reyes Light on building in resilience in homes in wildfire country, November 24, 2020

Edward Dean was co-author of an article entitled, “Peace of mind in wildfire country: Building in resilience”, which summarizes the steps to build in mitigation measures against the effects of wildfires and to achieve carbon neutrality in new home construction or renovation. (Read the article)

Net Zero Conference and Expo, Los Angeles (Virtually), September 15+16, 2020 .

Edward Dean led a panel of experts in the discussion of four case studies of zero-net-energy and zero carbon housing projects at this national conference. The case studies consisted of a new single-family house, a renovation of an existing structure, a three-year DIY tract house project and a multifamily public housing project.

Kensington House: Zero-Net-Energy and Zero Carbon Custom-Designed Home (Under Construction), 2020 .

This custom-designed home is being built for the family of the director of the California-China Climate Institute. Located just north of Berkeley, California, the house will showcase the state-of-the-art methodologies for a zero-carbon and water-efficient design. Features include on-site solar photovoltaics, energy storage batteries for resiliency, fire sprinklers and airtight construction with an HVR system to guarantee healthy indoor air quality.

Cabo-San-Lucas House: Off-the-Grid Zero Carbon Custom-Designed Home (Under Construction), 2020 .

Designed for the hot, dry climate of Baja California, the second home for a professional couple will be an all-electric, off-the-grid structure featuring a 9kW solar photovoltaic system and a 28kWh battery system. Energy modeling with weather data for this location was used to size these systems, eliminating the need for a generator using fossil fuel.

Fifth Zero Net Energy Case Studies Book Now Available on

The fifth book in the series commissioned by the California public utilities on zero-net-energy buildings is now available on                                                          Edward Dean authored the book, which focuses on zero-carbon housing projects. It is the second of the case study books with this emphasis on residential projects, funded by Southern California Edison.