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Monterey Design ConferenceMonterey Design Conference, October 17, 2015 .

Edward Dean was a speaker at this conference, held in the Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove, California. His topic, “The Design of Zero Net Energy Buildings: Practical, Affordable (and Not Hard to Do)”, drew an audience of over 150 designers.





san-francisco-airportSan Francisco Airport (SFO) Sustainability Thought Leaders Summit, June 24, 2015.

This one day gathering at SFO of invited national experts in various disciplines of sustainability had as its stated goal “…to set one or more Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals (BHAG) to further advance sustainability at SFO”. The vision of SFO Director John Martin was “to convene a gathering of Sustainability Thought Leaders and SFO staff….to identify BHAG(s) and to begin development of an implementation roadmap”.

Both Anthony Bernheim and Edward Dean were invited to address the group of experts in their respective areas of expertise—Anthony to discuss the importance of healthy buildings at the airport facilities and Ed to outline the opportunities, challenges and overall feasibility for a zero-net-energy airport facility complex at SFO. They were two of approximately a dozen presenters at the Summit and participated in the breakout brainstorming sessions that followed these TED-style talks.

The outcome of this Summit was the development by SFO of their vision of “Making SFO the cleanest, greenest, and most sustainable airport in the world”, accompanied by four high level sustainability goals, including ZNE within five years and an improved human health environment within all SFO facilities.

YCCD construction photoYosemite Community College District Administration Building Nearing Completion

This new building is nearing completion at the campus located in Modesto, CA. Bernheim+Dean Inc is providing commissioning services for the building in a continuing role with the project, now engaged on the client’s side. Previously, we served as sustainable building consultant to the A/E team during the design phases, led by Darden Architects of Fresno, CA. The building is on track for a LEED-Gold certification and may achieve LEED-platinum certification and a zero-net-energy performance, all within the limited budget of the community college district.



Softcover-Vol 1-letterSoftcover-Vol 2-letterZero Net Energy Case Study Buildings, Volume 2, Completed.

The second volume of this successful softcover book, commissioned by Pacific Gas and Electric Company, has been completed and is about to be released to the public. The book features five more commercial buildings designed to perform at zero net energy (ZNE) use, now built and occupied, with a minimum of one year’s corroborating performance data confirming ZNE. The case studies describe design strategies, operational issues and “lessons learned” for these prototype buildings.

Featured in this volume are three renovations of basic commercial structures, including two tilt-up developer buildings. Comparison of the ZNE design approaches for the three similar projects is quite interesting. In addition to the technical descriptions, there is also some financial analysis demonstrating that the zero net energy design for one of these buildings actually penciled out at lower cost than a standard design for such a project.

Volume 1, which was available in 2014, describes six early examples of ZNE buildings that have been fully verified through one year of data measurements. Both of these books, Volume 1 and Volume 2, will soon be available on, providing print-on-demand softcover versions. Check here again—a link to this page on Amazon will be posted soon. There will also be a second link to a website where electronic copies of both books can be downloaded.

Zero Net Energy Feasibility Study Completed

Bernheim + Dean, Inc., recently completed work on a Zero Net Energy Feasibility Study, working with ELS Architects of Berkeley, California, and Capital Engineering of Sacramento, California. The project is the renovation of a 8,100 sq. ft. Health Services Facility for the City of Berkeley. For a complete description of the study and its conclusions, click here.

Forum on Measured Zero Net Energy Performance: Results, Lessons, and Surprises, November 4, 2015.

One of eight speakers at this day-long mini-conference sponsored by Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Edward Dean presented the most interesting results of his in-depth studies of five operational zero-net-energy case study buildings, which are documented in the forthcoming Volume 2, Zero Net Energy Case Study Buildings.