Services Overview – Green Building Design

Green arrow gradient-smallWe recognize that clients will have different goals and needs with regard to sustainable building projects and the design of green buildings. For some, there will be a desire to achieve the highest possible level of sustainable performance with state-of-the-art or even cutting-edge practices. For others, the issues of cost effective investment in sustainable building systems, features and products—providing demonstrable reductions in operating costs and hedges against future disruptions—will be a priority.

Our services are designed to align with these different priorities in order to produce the desired outcomes appropriate to their expressed needs. With regard to building energy performance, for example, services can be tailored so that the client’s building project (a) will simply conform with a minimum green code requirement; (b) will perform at zero-net-energy use over the course of a year for a targeted return on investment, or (c) will reach the deep green goal of regenerative (living building) performance where the building environment is self-sustaining with regard to energy, water and materials.

These different degrees of goals and priorities involve a different set of design strategies, analysis, building technologies and cost constraints. To derive good solutions and desired outcomes, they also require an understanding of multiple integrated building systems and, especially for the deep green buildings, the expertise of a cross-disciplinary team of specialists, including building scientists and engineers, building system specialists and product manufacturers.

Recognizing this, Bernheim + Dean has established affiliations with recognized building experts in the required fields and nurtures the collaborative, creative cross-discipline work environment as the best approach to developing innovative design strategies and solution approaches. Depending on the client’s project, we put together the right team of building specialists appropriate to the project’s goals using both our in-house staff and that of our affiliated group of experts.

Our comprehensive expertise is focused on the aspects of sustainable building planning and design listed in the menu on this page (above, right). Click on the page links in the menu for details on the services offered for each of these respective aspects. Clients’ project needs may encompass some or all of these aspects and we create an appropriate work plan to fit.