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In response to the understanding of the importance of sustainable practices and operations, made more compelling by the emergence and understanding of the future impacts of the climate change issue, many companies and institutions are engaged in a thorough examination of their standards and business-as-usual assumptions. Future-proofing their organizations and operational costs through strategic sustainability planning and staff training in sustainable practices is becoming an imperative.

We assist our clients in the development of long-term organization-wide strategic plans to integrate sustainability into operations, practices and, where applicable, products. We review existing plans and collaborate to develop new plans. We consult on current industry trends in sustainable products.

For staff training, we provide single comprehensive seminars and multiple sustainability training sessions, customized for each organization and its specific needs. Depending on these specifics, the training can be focused on general sustainability or select topics such as zero net energy, human health in the built environment, sustainable building products, LEED, and current sustainability trends.