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Water use efficiency in buildings is an issue of growing concern, particularly as the impacts of global climate change are demonstrated and become better understood. There is also a direct connection between the demand for water in our living environments, energy use (for extraction, conveyance and treatment) and consequently the production of carbon during the process of meeting that demand.

As this issue evolves in public understanding and the desire for responsive action grows, there will be new regulations on water consumption and water systems in buildings and their related building site landscapes. Many building owners will also prudently choose to develop their facilities in anticipation of the need for increased water efficiency, utilizing new technologies that minimize demand and, in some cases, provide a restorative or regenerative aspect to their building projects.

We provide a range of services to assist building clients establish and achieve water efficiency goals for their particular projects.

Water Balance Budget

We provide an assessment of annual water use for the various operations within the facility balanced with the water collection and reuse.

Low-water Irrigation 

Our team can assist landscape professionals with design and systems options to reduce water use. These options may include drought-resistant landscape materials as well as systems for high-efficiency irrigation.

Plumbing Fixture Selection

Working with the client’s design and facility teams, we recommend plumbing fixture selections that result in low or zero water demand.

Rainwater Capture and Gray Water Systems

For restorative or regenerative building projects, we assist the design team to develop a profile and establish the opportunity to collect rainwater and/or gray water in the facilities. We review health department and local regulations, as well as current green building codes related to these systems. We also provide information on space requirements for water recycling systems at the building and the site.