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As consultant to the A/E team for this project, directed by CA Architects In Sausalito, CA, we assisted in the initial design phase to determine the feasibility for a grid neutral design (zero net electric energy) for the complex of new buildings to be located on an urban site near downtown San Francisco. This design goal was seen by the client as not only environmentally responsible but also resonating with prospective parents and students of the school.

Our work included suggestions for ZNEE design strategies, whole building energy analysis to benchmark the performance and guide the design choices, cost feasibility studies for the ZNEE systems proposed, confirmation of solar access and sizing of the PV system. We were able to confirm the feasibility of the ZNEE design within the constraints created by the site lease and that the life cycle cost of this design over the lease period would be significantly less than that of the base case design incorporating only code-compliant, least-first-cost features.

Bernheim + Dean Team Affiliates:

  • Mechanical Engineering: Stephen Witek, P.E., SEED Inc
  • Building Science: Will Vicent, BB&NE
  • Lighting: Max Pierson, HLBLD

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